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11/01/04 - Okay, I'm a day late, but that's still pretty good, for me. :D I actually did mean to update over the weekend, but I was having so much fun throwing up and enjoying bizarre fever-induced nightmares that I never got around to it. Anyway, chapters ten through thirteen of Atreyu's Hikari Enzan are up. I need to do something to make the chapters easier to navigate, but for now just replace the '1' in 'HikariEnzan1' with the number you want to jump to. I'm lazy, yes, but also tired. I'll fix it tomorrow.
BTW, I just realized that most of the chapters I uploaded last week had broken links. Yes, I know I need to get more organized, but *ahem*, there's also that instant message thingy I put down at the bottom of the screen, which somebody could've used to inform me... (Plus I'm bored and lonely, nobody every e-mails me or anything *sniffle* :P ) --Catalyst
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